What it Means to #JointheAdventure

Adventure is worthwhile.
— Aristotle

If you follow Green Door Distilling Co. on any social media, you will often see us using the hashtag #Join the Adventure.

Have you ever wondered why? Well, you won’t have to wonder anymore. We're here to explain.

Green Door’s Adventure

At Green Door, we are 100% sure about two things - our craft spirits and our passion for the outdoors.

The adventure started in 2014 when Jon Good decided to follow his passion for whiskey. He wanted his business to not only be about his love for craft spirits but his love for the outdoors as well.

Our labels feature pictures taken throughout the state of Michigan during our adventures and the names of the spirits incorporate outdoor terms as well. 


"If you haven't found your adventure yet, you might check in one of our bottles. At least, it's a good place to start looking."

Break Free

It's so easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of today’s society. We often forget to sit back and enjoy the moments in life.

You won't find TV's or our Wifi password laying around in the Tasting Room. Crazy right?  Believe it or not, we do this for a reason. We want you to unplug, relax and get back in touch with friends and the outdoors... To really enjoy our craft spirits and cocktails without everyday distractions.

Follow your Own Path

Not all adventures are the same.

Our President and Head Distiller, Jon, enjoys motorcycling and backpacking whenever he can, while our newest Mixologist, Zach, loves walks through Kalamazoo’s parks or ride his bike around town. Kate, our Public Relations Coordinator, loves to hike into the woods, hang around on the hammock among the trees and get lost in a good book. All of us enjoy different things but they all have something in common – the outdoors.

What do you like to do? We would love to see your adventures, whatever they may be. Share them with us on social media using the #JoinTheAdventure. 

Get out & Find your Adventure.png

Get outside, get lost, get going. Enjoy the clean, fresh air and maybe bring a little bit of Green Door with you. Trust me, you'll feel better when you do.